Your Daily Drive and Spotify podcasts

I’m a Spotify user, but only for music. I never listen to podcasts inside it. It’s an inferior experience to even basic podcast players. There’s no way to auto-download podcasts. This was table stakes in 2005 when podcasts became a thing. You’d download them to iTunes and sync them to your iPod, and the file would not only live offline but would stay offline until the episode finished. Then it would go away.

This week, Spotify added a new feature called Your Daily Drive. It’s neat! It’s a 90ish minute playlist of stuff it thinks you love because of its totally decent algorithm, separated by a handful of news podcasts. It’s meant to imitate and thus completely destroy the last feature left of FM radio: interruptions from music you’ve heard too much to inform you what the president tweeted. There’s even a download” toggle so you don’t have to use data in your car, and this playlist will presumably update its songs list regularly.

There’s just one problem: the podcasts in the playlist don’t download. Select them to download individually. As you can see in this screenshot, there’s multiple download toggles for this playlist.

Spotify has a huge advantage over any other music player with their podcast integrations. I’m sure lots of people listen to them in Spotify and don’t realize the experience is subpar. But this is subpar.


June 17, 2019